Rich Roots Unltd.

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A Brand for the Culture!

It's not just a brand... it's a life choice! Are you ready to live the Rich Roots Unltd. lifestyle?!

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Currently stocking t-shirts and sweatshirts! Check back often and leave your reviews and suggestions. Rich Roots Unltd is currently working on new drip to take your loc pride to the next level.

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The Original!

Something for the Ladies!

About us

It's time to break all societal and stereotypical perceptions of our Loc'd community! Rich Roots Unlimited was created to give honor to our culture and to show the pride we have in ourselves. Let's show the beauty in our crowns, the power in our roots, how rich and successful we are, and that there is "NO evil in our roots."

It's more than just a clothing line it's a way of life .... Rich Roots Unlimited doesn't just offer clothing for you to represent your loc pride! Hence the term "unlimited ". We want you to dress in Rich Roots Unlimited, travel with Rich Roots Unlimited, and even step up your loc care with Rich Roots Unlimited loc socks, bonnets, and even hair oil! Never again feel that your locs shouldn't be at the forefront! The loc community is a beauty standard all on its own! At Rich Roots Unlimited, WE CELEBRATE YOU!



Join the Rich Roots Unltd. nation! Leave your email and let us know what you hope to see in the future! We're so glad you want to join us in celebrating our locs, our wealth, and our community!

We're not just financially rich, we're rich in our roots!

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